places to go after covid 19

10 Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Do you want to know about the best places to go after covid-19?

Are you sick and tired sitting at home?

Well, I think you should travel. As the different countries in the world are opening their doors for the tourists. Now it’s our time to have a look at the Places which we can visit in the era of Covid-19 and social distancing.

So without further ado, let’s start with the first country

1.New Zealand-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

New Zealand was one of the first country, who get rid of Covid-19. Now they are opening their country for tourism. New Zealand only gets 1166 cases, which makes it one of the safest countries to travel to.

New Zealand already has a great popularity for its undamaged nature and great hiking spots.

New Zealand has managed to make several hiking tracks around the country, so we can explore the country.

Nowadays, New Zealand is the best choice for you because the country is completely safe and nature is calling you to travel.

2.Jamaica-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Jamaica is an amazing country to travel to, because of the climate, inhabitants, and beaches. US, UK, Irish, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand citizens don’t need a visa to travel to Jamaica.

There are several things that you will love about Jamaica.

  • History
  • Food
  • People
  • Nature
  • Wheather
  • Beaches

There is a low percentage of Covid-19 cases in Jamaica, so if you are looking to spend your days on beaches, resorts, hotels, or other commercial properties. You can travel to Jamaica.

3. Chile-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

The next country, that is safe to travel in Chile. It is a beautiful country in all aspects. The country is full of nature.

Now the current situation in Chile is good for traveling, there are very few cases of Covide-19, but keep in mind to take care of social distancing.

If you are addicted to hiking Chile is best for you because there are many different hiking places where you can visit

If you are looking for islands, forests, mountains, volcanoes, or deserts. I will suggest you travel to chile because the country has a very less amount of Covid left. The nature of Chile is calling you.

4. Bermuda-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Bermuda is a place to relax. If you are tired of your job, work or studies. I will suggest you to travel Bermuda right now.

Bermuda has a stable covid situation. There is nothing too afraid of traveling Bermuda. The covid-19 cases are very low in Bermuda.

When you travel to Bermuda, you will notice that there are a rich array of people and cultures. I will suggest you adapt the cultural habits to make your trip more happy and interesting. Bermuda has a variety of food, but I will suggest you try the seafood of Bermuda because that is outstanding.

5. Sicily-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

is a great country to get rest from your daily routine. The places are way beautiful and mind-blowing.

The Covid 19 situation in Sicily is good because the country is far from the world, you can travel without any tension.

If you love beaches. You should travel to Sicily now because the pristine warm waters are waiting for you. You can swim anywhere you want.

The food of Sicily is incredibleno matter where are you in Sicily, you will definitely find amazing food on all trips. Here are the foods that you must try in Sicily:

  • Cannoli
  • Cassata
  • Arancini

6. Australia-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Next on the list, we have Australia. The current covid-19 situation in Australia is very good and the government had controlled it. Till now the number of reported cases of covid-19 in Australia is 30,048 and this makes Australia the safest country to travel to in the days of covid 19.

Australia is quite hot. The average temperature of Australia in summers is 3°C/37°F to 20°C/68°F.

You can also visit their urban areas in Sydney and Melbourne but if you want to explore Australia then you should visit their deserts. See some kangaroos and explore wildlife.

Complete your course of covid-19 vaccination and visit Australia because it’s waiting for you. 

7. Nepal-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Nepal is one of the less corona-free countries in the world. It has only 10738 Covid-19 cases.

When you are traveling to Nepal, you will get one more advantage that is less expensive than other countries but therein compromise with the beauty.

Nepal is combined with a vibrant culture, which makes this country different from others. Nepal is heaven for mountain lovers.

I will suggest you travel to Nepal right now, If you want to relax in the Himalayas Nepal is popular with its mountains and tales. As you already know that Mount is Everest located in the Himalayas of southern Asia in Nepal and China.

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8. Vietnam-Place To Go After Covid-19

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

So the next country on our list is Vietnam. The reason why I chose this country is the nature and secondly the covid-19 situation. Now the Covid-19 situation is pretty much stable in Vietnam.

If you are traveling in Vietnam one thing you will notice is whether. Nepal has a great climate.

The food of Vitnam is great with tast. Here are the list of best foods that you must try in Vietnam:

  • Mì QuảngCơm Gà
  • Cao Lầu
  • Bún Bò Huế
  • Cơm Tấm
  • Phở
  • Bánh Mì

This is one of the best countries you can visit after Covid-19.

9. Santorini

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Santorini is almost Covid free. It has a very low amount of cases reported. You can travel Santorini without being frightened from Covid-19

The best thing about Santorini is the sunset, the people who travel here say that Santorini has the best sunset in the world. One thing you will more find here is the fantastic landscapes.

Santorini also has a great taste in archeology, you will see many beautiful and unique walls here. The Santorini is great with food, photography, ghost houses, and much more.

10. Puerto Rico

Best Places To Go After Covid-19

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country, that has amazing things to do in. When you travel to Puerto Rico I will suggest you take a trip for at least 7 days to explore the country completely.

The food is good in Puerto Rico. You will get many new dishes to eat here. One thing that I love the most is the people. They are so kind to tourists, you can get help from them too. 


Well, we had discussed all the beautiful places which we can travel to after covid-19. In the end, I would like to conclude that please take a look around in your country as well and try to explore someplace, some village, some cites and some touring spots which you had never visited in your busy life. Please try to support your brothers whose businesses are connected with tourism.

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