5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Travel To Cyprus

5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Travel To Cyprus

Cyprus is a lovely country filled with lovely and kind people. Many people also called Cyprus the Republic of Cyprus. It is a beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean sea.

According to the stats, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It is covered with four countries Syria, Turkey, Israel, and Lebanon.

As Cyprus is a country that is filled with natural beauty, so why not you should travel to Cyprus. In this article, I will tell you the 5 shocking reasons why you should travel to Cyprus

5 Reasons why travel to Cyprus in a list

  • Neat and Clean beaches
  • traditional dishes
  • History & culture
  • amazing weather
  • The friendly people

Neat and Clean beaches

As I told you, Cyprus is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, so it has many beautiful and clean beaches where you spend time with water.

The beaches are also very neat and clean, so you can enjoy them as much as you can. There are many popular beaches, but Ayia Napa is the best one to visit from my personal experience.

You will also find some more interesting and lovely beaches in Cyprus.

Delicious Traditional dishes

The dishes of Cyprus are world-famous because of their aroma and taste. This is because it shares borders with Turks and Greeks.

So you will find most Turkish and Greek dishes. The best starter dish you should try when landed in Cyprus is mezedes because it has 20 small dishes.

You will get a variety of food there, so try to eat many new dishes that you did not eat before.

History & culture

Cyprus has a bit different history that will amaze you. The island is divided into two sides: the number one southern Greek side and the second northern Turkish side.

The islands were part of Byzantine and Ottoman empires, so the culture of Cyprus became more interesting and mind-blowing. The people here are also very proud of their history.

The poetry and literature of Cyprus are amazing because of their native and non-native authors. I will suggest you while traveling to Cyprus, you should see some historical places to know the history better.

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Amazing weather

The point of visiting Cyprus is its amazing weather. The summer season is from mid of April to Mid October. This is so good because you can enjoy it more in summers than in winters.

When you are visiting Cyprus then there more chances that you will visit it in summers because summers in Cyprus are longer than winters.

The friendly people

When you will visit Cyprus you will notice that the people living there are so friendly and caring. I had personally visit Cyprus two times.

Trust me that the people are welcoming. They will help you. They will give you gifts. What else a traveler needs. If you had visited Cyprus then don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments.


So now you the 5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Travel To Cyprus. If you any questions related to Cyprus you can ask in the comment section and also tell me when you are going to Cyprus.

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