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5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip Easier To Japan

Japan is a vibrant, colorful, advanced, and exciting place, so a lot of people travel to Japan, but they don’t some important and useful tips that can make their trip easy to travel in Japan. To solve your problem I had compiled a list of “5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip Easy In Japan”.

Attention: All the Tips in this article is experienced by me.

Here is the list of 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip Easy In Japan

  • Don’t smoke anywhere you want
  • Use google maps
  • Buy a Pasmo card or a Suica card
  • Know where to get cash
  • Be polite

Don’t smoke anywhere you want

Smoking is not a good thing to do, but if you are a smoker I will suggest you do not smoke in crowded places because it is not allowed.

Like in many other countries the smoke anywhere is forbidden. This also happens in Japan too. If you are out make sure to the areas that are designed for smoking.

Japan is very strict about their rules. If you break them you can have very heavy fines.

Use google maps

The google maps are made to help those people who are planning their trip or for those who lost their destination. This will make you trip more interesting and a lot easier.

I will suggest everyone use google maps because It will show you alternatives such as trains, buses, cars, cycling, walking, and flights. It will also show you the cheap restaurants and vehicles.

I am telling this by own experience, when I travel to Japan I really lost where I am. In that situation I used google maps.

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Buy a Pasmo card or a Suica card

If you want to use multiple trips on short-distance(subway, metro area, and JR trains). You should buy a Pasmo card or a Suica card. The biggest advantage of these cards is that they can be charged in bulk.

These cards will save you a lot of time otherwise you have individual tickets for each journey, which will be tuff for you to handle.

You will see that some trains will don’t accept Pasmo cards and some will don’t accept Suica cards. You will also see some trains that will accept both cards.

Know where to get cash

In Japan, there are very few ATM machines that accept foreign cards. Even in the biggest city Tokyo. With the help of my experience, you will find ATMs in 7-Elevens, post offices, and Citibank ATMs.

Please double check your card is activated for withdrawals in a foreign country because It will be a lot frustrating if your card will not work at the key moment.

Try to eat all the foods

It will be no different to sound you that Japanese food is of my world’s favorite foods. You will also agree with me after trying Japanese food.

The first thing you will notice that the amount of restaurants in Japan is enormous. The customer service and the quality of the food are absolutely top-notch.


Till now I had told you 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip Easier To Japan in detail. You can tell me when you are going to travel to Japan or if you have any questions related to Japan you can ask me in the comments sections below, I will be there to help you at any moment.

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